Paul Reading and Norman Oldfield are the two Master Craftsmen at StrawMaster, they work on every roof, and offer clients a personal individual service. Between them they have completed over two thousand individual properties, and are in the enviable position to offer any clients' property as a reference. In most cases a Master Thatcher will have completed a roof in a village close to a new prospective client, and new customers can view a finished roof to demonstrate the quality of Thatching and workmanship.


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At StrawMaster we fully appreciate that the process of having your roof stripped of old thatching can be a daunting prospect, that's why we keep you informed at each stage of the work schedule. These pictures' were taken as work progressed on a recent roof in Northamptonshire. Once we commence a project we remain exclusively committed to the work in hand. Many Roof Thatchers working alone can take several months to complete a roof like the one illustrated, we took four weeks on this job, that included some dialog with the local authority regarding a broken purlin.


Once the roof is stripped of old thatch we work with specialist colleagues to repair wood work and any attention to the stone or brick work. At this stage we ensure the property remains water tight by covering open roof with special heavy tarpaulin at the end of each working day, or during periods of inclement weather..