Although Thatch fires are relatively rare in our region, with some careful precautions you can reduce the potential risk significantly. The fire service offer some constructive advice regarding prevention, we have included some links to fire service advice. You should at the same time contact your local service and consider any specific advice.


There are about 24,000 Thatched properties in the Country, with approximately fifty fires per year. A high proportion of these incidents are chimney related, so understanding these specific risks, and there precautions, can provide peace of mind and save money on insurance premiums.






Where Strawmaster strip a roof in preparation for a new thatch, we can offer advice on the external condition of your chimneystack, where the thatch normally covers the external fabric of the stack. We also offer advice on fire barrier materials where we strip and re-batten a roof, alternately we can provide a spray retardant to the finished roof, and we are fully qualified to undertake the appropriate application.