It is wise to take steps to guard against the problems that winter can cause. Insurance can protect you against
many things but it is not a maintenance contract. Check that roofs and chimneys are sound and that drain
gratings are clear so that water can run away. Pipes and tanks should be insulated, but leave the space beneath
your water tank free so that warm air can reach it. An expert should regularly check central heating
Electrical wiring should be tested every five years, many fires have been started by faulty electrical systems or worn out wiring. The Electricity Board will often conduct a free visual check for you. Always, if you are employing the services of a plumber, thatcher or any building contractor, make sure he has his own Public Liability Policy which should cover any damage caused by their negligence and the use of blow torches. Your own insurance policy will not cover you so it is important to ask. If you have an open fire, make sure your chimney is swept regularly and at least twice a year. Having your chimney lined is a sensible precaution. If you are leaving your home unoccupied for a few days or more, drain the hot and cold water system. If you have any doubts at all please telephone us.